Credit where credit is due: colleagues at the Texas After Violence Project, August 2007 – September 2, 2011

I wish to acknowledge my colleagues and former colleagues from the Texas After Violence Project, from and with whom I learned a great deal about oral history during the time period beginning in August 2007 and ending on September, 2, 2011. The people named below attended Texas After Violence Project trainings, worked with the project or (most often) both participated in the trainings and worked with the project. I initially created this list of from memory on the 5th September 2011, and although I’ve added to it since, I fear that I’ve still neglected several people. If you notice a spelling mistake or an omission, please help me correct the list by writing to me:

Thank you, everyone!
Virginia Marie Raymond

Volunteers, interns, staff members, and consultants
Texas After Violence Project
August, 2007 – September 2, 2011

Abir Qazilbash
Adam S. Mehis
Alexa Torres Skillicorn
Alexandra Dibrell
Amanda Gray
Amelia Gerson
Ana Laura Rivera
Angela Pastorek
Anna McCorquodale
Anne Marie Huff
Anthony (Tony) Keffler
Antony (Tony) Cherian (consultant, Seed Documentary Cooperative)
April Inez Kaplowitz
Ashley Tanzy
Benita Rubinett, MSW, LCSW (consultant)
Benjamin Kuipers (founding board member)
Bianca Foley
Bonnie Herrmann
Carlos Loredo, PhD (consultant)
Celeste Henery, PhD
Charles Spinoso
Chayah Saahene, JD
Cheikh Badiane
Chloe Edwards
Christian Kelleher (Benson Latin American Collection archivist & Human Rights Documentation Initiative project director, University of Texas Libraries)
Christian Wright
Claudia Carretta-Beltrán (translator)
Courtney Lanes
Cristina Coupal
Christine George
Creighton Chandler
Danielle Dirks, PhD
Diana Salgado
Donna Thomas of DT Outsourcing (consultant)
Eileen Rose Walsh
Eleanor Cook (ADAPT of Texas intern)
Elena M. Díaz
Elissa Underwood
Elizabeth (Liz) Pearson
Elizabeth Raymond
Ellen Morrissey
Ellen Sweets
Elvia Mendoza
Emmanuel (Manny) Tomes
Emily Clark
Emily Smith
Erin Park Markert
Franzi Zeeck
Gabe Pastel
Gabriel Daniel Solis
Gustavo Martínez
Gwendolyn Ferreti
Hannah Rose Bainter
Hilary Anderson
Jane Peddicord, JD (board member)
Janie Montemayor
Jennifer (Jen) Anker
Jennifer Morris
Jesse Harder
Jill Boelter
Jorge Antonio Renaud
Joseph (Joey) Raymond Kolker
Josh Holland
Joshua Tang
Joshua Tran
Joy James, PhD
Julia O’Bryne
Justine Rife
Kalli Henderson
Kendra Kreider
Karen Reed
Katie Wannamker
Katherine Cheng, JD
Katrina Windon
Keith Rech (accountant)
Kimberly A. Ambrosini-Bacon
Kristin Krenz
Lauren Hughes
Liliana Valenzuela (translator)
Liz Pearce
Lora Hollingsworth
Louis Raymond-Kolker
Lydia Crafts
Mara Christine Benenson
Margaret Loftis
María-Sofia Corona (translator)
Maribel Zamora
Mark Justin Evans
Mark Westmoreland (consultant, Seed Documentary Cooperative)
Mary O’Grady
Mary Wegmann
Matthew Richardson, PhD
Maurice A. Chammah
Megan Brodie
Megan Eatman
Megan Sissom
Meghan Currey (HRDI graduate research assistant)
Michael Truong
Michelle Dokken
Miguel Guimbarga
Nancy Semin Lingo, PhD (board member)
Neil F. Foley
Olga Castro
Papa Diallo
Parish Jefferson
Patrick Steck
Pedro Cruz, JD (board member)
Pete Kennedy, JD (consultant)
Rachel Gounder
Rebecca Lorins, PhD (board member)
Rebecca Pauline Raymond-Kolker
Rose Marie Caldwell
Sabina Eva Hinz-Foley
Sadie Hawkins
Samantha Archer
Samantha Sixkiller
Sara Haji
Sarah Horton
Scott Pryor
Sebastian García
Seneca Savoie
Shane Cruz
Shannon Gough
Shante Stinson
Sonia Ramírez
Sonny DiFranco, The Mac Guru (consultant)
Sreeam Reddy
Stephanie Thomas
Summer Anderson (HRDI graduate research assistant)
Surabhi Kukke
Susanne Mason
Tamara Goheen
Tamica Jones
Thomas Kolker
Tia Leone
Tiffany-Kay Sangwand (human rights archivist, Human Rights Documentation Initiative), UT Austin
Timmy Huynh
Tina Huckabee
Victoria Rossi
Virginia Garrard Burnett, PhD (founding board member)
Virginia (Ginny) Rowland
Walter C. Long, JD (Texas After Violence Project founder)
Zoe Marquardt

The above list does not include the entire sociology intro to qualitative research class taught by sociology chair Dr. Janet Armitage at St. Mary’s University, who transcribed the interview of Mr. Steve Hall; the group from Williams College who visited January 2009, whom we trained, and who performed minor volunteer tasks under the directiEricon of Professor Joy James; neither does it include either of the groups from United World College, who performed minor volunteer tasks during their visits spring break of 2009 and 2010.

Special thanks to Carlos Bowles, advisor to the Rapoport Service Scholars, Dr. Jeanette Herman and all the advisors at the Bridging Disciplines Program, Professor Neil Foley (Department of History), Professor Shannon Speed (Department of Anthropology), and Professor Melaine Feinberg (School of Information) all at the University of Texas at Austin; Professors Lorraine Samuels and Michael Hirsch at Huston-Tillotson University; Professor Roger Barnes at the University of the Incarnate Word; Professor Janet Armitage of St. Mary’s University; Mr. Andrew Harper at St. Edward’s University; and Dr. Nora Comstock of Las Comadres Para Las Americas, for referring students, friends, and colleagues to the Texas After Violence Project.

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