Listen to people

“The opportunity to tell one’s own history in one’s own words, without restrictions on what can be said, is not something different from justice; it is an essential component of justice.” Teresa Godwin Phelps

“La oportunidad de contar nuestra propia historia con nuestras propias palabras, sin restricciones de lo que se puede decir, no es una cosa diferente de la justicia; es un componente esencial de la justicia.” Teresa Godwin Phelps

Why narratives?
Process over product
Proceso & producto: escuchar por su propio bien
Effective practices (under construction)

Listen for a change: Wire Cutter’s oral history & social justice projects
Oral history resources

Selected narratives:
Diana Claitor, Why oral history matters to the Texas Jail Project, October 2011
Cathy Cranston, ADAPT and PACT, October 2011
Larry Daves, June 2008
Criminal defense work in East Texas in the early 1970s
A Capital Murder Trial
On jurors and the jury system
On Plyer v. Doe and education for undocumented immigrant children
Heiwa Salowitz, October, 2011

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