ADAPT members and friends participating in the evolving Wire Cutter-ADAPT oral history project, 2011 – present

Nicky Boyte, ADAPT
Dolores Carrillo, PACT
Eric Clowson, ADAPT
Eleanor Cook, ADAPT, Smith College intern summer 2011
Cathy Cranston, ADAPT and PACT
Nancy Crowthers, ADAPT
Berta De Luna Miguel
Francesca “Kika” Grajeda
José Guillen, ADAPT
Bob Kafka, ADAPT
Keith Lofton, ADAPT
Jennifer McPhail, ADPAT
Albert “Sparky” Metz, ADAPT
Nelson Peet, ADAPT
Virginia Raymond
Janie Robles, ADAPT
Danny Saénz, ADAPT
Heiwa Salowitz, ADAPT
Joey Tate, Community Now
Smoky Tamonson, ADAPT, PACT
Stephanie Thomas, ADAPT
David Wittie, ADAPT

Fall 2011 Participants in Listen for a Change: Oral History & Social Justice workshops

Abe Louise Young
Ayla Pintchovski
Cathy Cranston, Personal Attendants Coalition of Texas (PACT) and ADAPT
Cynthia Waide, Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera
Diana Claitor, Texas Jail Project
Eric Clow, ADAPT
Erica Suprenant, Texas Jail Project
Erin Park Markert
Heiwa Salovitz, ADAPT
Layla Fry, Southwest Key
Lindsay Patterson
Luz Guerra
Matthew Gossage
Rebekah Skelton
Rachel Szemborski, Texas Civil Rights Project intern, UT School of Social Work
Rocío Villalobos
Sandy Graham
Shannon Elizondo
Sarah Strong
Stephanie Thomas, ADAPT
Virginia Marie Raymond, Wire Cutter, CURE, ADAPT of Texas

Texas After Violence Project team members who assisted with ADAPT oral history interviews, 2010 – August 2011

Kim Bacon
Maurice Chammah
Shane Cruz
Sabina Hinz-Foley
Adam Mehis
Jennifer Morris
Virginia Raymond

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