Listen for a change: oral history & social justice, Fall 2011

Listen for a Change: Oral History for Social Justice, Fall 2011 Workshop Series

On September 20, Wire Cutter and ADAPT of Texas will host a nine (9) week workshop series for people interested in listening to and recording first-person narratives of lived experience, (in other words, conducting oral histories) as a method of working for social justice. This workshop series is designed for and dedicated to people who want to work in and for grassroots organizations to bring about a just, joyful, and kind world.

When: Tuesdays, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m., September 20 – November 15

Where: ADAPT of Texas office, 1640A East 2nd Street, Austin, 78702



Listen for a change: Oral history for social justice workshop series
All trainings 5:30 – 8:30 p.m., ADAPT of Texas, 1640A East 2nd Street

Tuesday, September 20 – Why narratives? Why oral history?
Why listen to first-person narratives? Strengths and weaknesses of oral history. The relationship between oral history and social justice

Tuesday, September 27 – Oral history approaches & practices
Resources: oral traditions, griots, “testimonio” versus testimony, truth commissions, restorative justice. Variations in oral history methods. What makes a “good” oral history?

Tuesday, October 4 – Effective practices
Effective oral history practices, from identifying potential narrators through the interview, and transcription through publication

Tuesday, October 11 – Ethics Part 1
Ethics & responsibilities: Focus on the narrator. Power relations. Listening to people who have been through traumatic experiences

Tuesday, October 18 – Ethics Part 2: Difference and power
Ethics & responsibilities: Narrator and videographer self-reflection. Thinking more deeply about “race,” “culture,” gender, sexuality, age, & power. No “blank slates.”

Tuesday, October 25 – Ethics Part 3
Ethics & the non-narrator character in the story. Is there such a thing as one’s “own” story?

Tuesday, November 1 – All history is local
Why and how to focus on local and regional narratives. Paying attention to the “where” as much as the “when.”

Tuesday, November 8 – The “official story”: Introduction to basic legal research
The introduction will take place at the ADAPT office. Practical session at law library to be scheduled according to needs of participants who’ve attended at least five of the previous seven sessions (not including the introduction to legal research).

Tuesday, November 15 – Sharing information & strategies, making forward, creating change (no fee for participants in the previous sessions)
Participants will discuss possibilities about individuals and organizations working together, sharing information & strategies, and listening for a change.

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